Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Christmas Pole...

I have this thing for real Christmas trees which is why I've tried my darnest to avoid any sort of artificial tree in our home. Last year, our first year in our house, I demanded to have a live tree for the holidays. We spent the entire month of December sweeping needles. It was not fun.

So, this year I thought we should try something new. At first I wanted to get one of those real pine trees in the pot that you can find at the grocery store or Wal-Mart. Turns out, those trees are pretty weak and could not handle the billions of penguin ornaments we have. So, I was forced to brainstorm. Then, like magic, I remembered the Christmas pole. Just three short years ago, while we were still living in our apartment in North Fargo, we decided to decorate one of our lamps as a tree. Why? Because we are odd.

Anywho, I thought to myself, "why not give the Christmas pole a second chance." So, my friends and family, here it is.... the one and only Christmas Pole (round II)!


Ta Da!

And, of course, the Christmas Pickle goes on last...

Edie didn't seem time mind how dorky her parents are. After all, it still has lights.


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