Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thirty Four Weeks Old

As much as it pained me to do it, I finally cut Edie's bangs. The long wispy strands were just too much of a nuisance, and the threat of Edie eating clips (and her constant fight to get them in) was just too large. So, she has bangs. The verdict on my hair cutting ability is still out.

Teething has been the issue of the week. The last few days (and nights) have been especially difficult in the TrygKerz household. Poor Edie has been sleepless most evenings and pretty irritable all day. Poor little Chiperoo.

On a fun note, since last week Edie has been practicing, to herself, waving. This morning, before Kris left for work he waved to her and she waved back! She has been doing it all day and seems rather amused with her new found talent.


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