Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forty One Weeks Old

Little Edie's top teeth are pushing their way to make a debut any day. This week, there has been a lot of tears, swollen gums and little sleep during the day (unless you count her ginormous nap at Jennifer's this morning). But, in between teething spells, our Chiperoo has been lively and smiley as ever.

She is just over nine-and-a-half months old and we're really starting to see less "baby" and more "kid" in her facial expressions and mannerisms. She's been practicing talking a lot lately including a quiet, whispering babble. There are plenty of a "mum, mum, mums" and "Dah! Da da da das" going around. But, we know they aren't directed towards either of us. In fact, we refer to Kris as "Pop" instead of Dad, Daddy or Dada. I am "Mum." We'll see what Edie refers to us as once she's starts putting words together.


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