Monday, January 10, 2011

Seventeen Months Old

Another month of super growth for Miss Edie. She is becoming much taller and toddlerish and her head seems to have doubled in size, noticeable by the many shirts that will no longer go over her head.

Her language skills are growing and growing with new words every other minute. She is very good at making most of the alphabet sounds with exception of L and V. The letters R (ahhhwr) and Q (Ca-u-ooo) might be the cutest sounds that kid has ever made. And, of course her Minnesota O's are coming along very nicely. Our favorite new words this month? Applesauce, turkey (in reference to her turtle), toast, go (in her finest Fargo accent), MaPa (you can guess), and shower ("shaw-war").

Oh, and tooth count is now up to 10 with those first bottom molars coming through. I expect those top ones will show up within the next month or so.

Over Christmas, Edie gained a new member to her entourage. Mij, a very nice ugly doll, has become a new favorite friend and has joined her puppy and blankies as her constant companions.


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