Monday, March 7, 2011

Nineteen Months Old

This month, Edie fully jumped on to the emotional roller coaster we like to call toddlerhood. Big smiles, big tears, big laughs, big cries... usually within seconds of each other. As parents, we are learning how to cope with these crazy tantrums. Our trick? Keep a calm, straight face. Laugh about it in private. Know that this too shall pass.

Fun things this month? Edie can count to nine (well, with exception of the number four), recite parts of the ABC song and sing a little ditty about pretty much anything (Zippers? Yep "Zip, Zip, Zippers!"). She knows all of her books by name (or character names) and is starting to understand the story part of books. Overall, it's becoming much, much easier to communicate with her.


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