Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eight Weeks Old

Boy, oh, boy, did Edie have quite a week! With our niece Alicia getting married on Saturday, a whole lot of family came into town. So, our little Edie-pants was loved to pieces by her aunts and cousins all weekend long. I think she was so used to be held this weekend, she now doesn't want to be let down. Good thing I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

She's also been a kickin', punchin' machine! Her new favorite thing to do is lie flat on the floor and kick, kick away, all while making her trademark grunty noises with a few coos mixed in. It's pretty darn cute.

Edie is also sporting a new hair do this week. We call the unkempt, uncombed hair the Tom Waits. Not as cute as her little curlycue, but way more rockin'.


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