Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thirteen Months Old

Edie loves books. On any given day in the TrygKerz household, you can see our little Chipperoo wandering around the house, book in hand, waiting for a willing reader. She'll read alone too... plopping down in one of her favorite little chairs, she'll open a book, point at the picture and say "Blah, blah, ahh!" in a language only she and the cats can understand.

She has been talking a lot lately, both gibberish and actual words. Her vocabulary includes new words such as Cheerios, up (looking up with such a positive tone), down, no- no-no, Bob, fish and just yesterday the phrase "read book."

It's been a busy month for Edie and the rest of the TrygKerz family. We celebrated her first birthday with lots of great friends and family during the Edie Pants Fun Pants Birthday Exstarvagazna. It was quite a turn out and Edie received a lot of super great gifts, many that, thankfully, do not make too much noise (some that do... we know who gave them so you better watch out!).

A couple weeks ago, we headed to the twin cities with her aunt Kim and cousins Zach and Chelsey. She road her first fair ride (the carousel) at Valley Fair and slept halfway through her first trip to IKEA and the Mall of America.

Jenni (her awesome babysitter) took a week off and August, so my cousin Kali came to stay with us for a week and watch Edie. Edie seemed to really enjoy it, and was so nice having Kali hang out for a week.

Last weekend, we traveled to central Minnesota for our annual UsFest friend reunion. Edie had a blast and enjoyed running around with the big kids and stealing their toys. A great time was had by all.

This month should be more laid back (thankfully).


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