Monday, November 15, 2010

Fifteen Months Old

Who needs television when you have a 15-month-old? This month has been a hoot as Edie's personality has really shown through. She is happy and active, curious yet careful... oh, and if you ask her she's absolutely hilarious. We think she's pretty funny too.

Her vocabulary has about tripled over the last month and she knows the sounds to about seven or so animals (including an owl, a lion and Onslow the cat). She has put a few words together but our favorite, by far, is "where is it?," which she picked up while looking for my missing phone last week.

She has really started to become attached to objects within the last few weeks and insists on having two of her favorite blankets with her when she sleeps along with her doll and her puppy (a super adorable corgi stuffed animal).

At her doctor appointment today, we found out she is pretty tall (in the 72%) but still a string bean (weight still below 22 lb). I guess it makes sense why she has been so hungry lately! All that cheese and peaches have gone straight to her bones.

Oh, and did you know Edie can dance?

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