Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Bow

As some of you know, I was lucky enough to receive a sewing machine for my birthday. Actually, it was more like a green light (or, hey! it's your birthday you should splurge) to buy a sewing machine I've eyed for quite awhile.

Here is the bad boy I chose:

Sewing is one of those things I've always wanted to do, but never did it. In high school, I was too busy gossiping with friends to pay attention in Home Ec. And a few years ago when my dear friend Kari tried to teach me to sew, I felt way too overwhelmed a promptly gave up. This time, I have an investment and a little person to sew cute things for. Also, I'm going to begin small and learn the basics before I jump into a huge project.

So, after taking over an hour to figure out how to thread my machine (and, might I say, I can do it very well now) and another couple hours sewing straight lines, I began my first project: a bow. Yep, a bow. Kris had found this project on the cool website Instructables even before I had the machine in my possession. It was super easy to do (even though it took me forever), and proved to be a nice easy going first project.


Do your best to ignore the bad top stitching and so-so gathering. Can I remind you all that it was my first attempt? I'm just happy it sorta resembles a bow.

There you go. My first project. According to my cool friends on facebook, the following items are what I need to make in the coming days (weeks, years, decades):
camera warmer using a special Arizona grass green yarn

a nice, comfy robe

a large magic carpet so Kelly Kerzman, Amber and Amanda can visit us

Edie some cute little outfits

multi-colored toque

ovely set of new curtains

UsFest apparel

a three-year-old sized strait jacket


a memory card wallet

a house cozy

flannel pjs (x2)

some confidence

spaghetti and meatballs

something RAD

a set of leg warmers (x2)

an extra long blanket

some booties and a sweater for a kitty

baby booties for a set of twins
baby blanket

a really warm pair of feeted pants

a cape (with a large E logo)

a pair a pants that don't drag on the ground


a diamond-encrusted codpiece

old lady sweaters with sequins (x5)

an apron

(Thanks for all the great birthday wishes everyone!)


  1. that bow is awesome in general, especially for your first project!

    and that baby! she is so flipping cute!!!

  2. This is so great!! So excited to see all of the amazing things you're going to create!!