Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twenty Six Weeks Old

She's almost there, she's almost half way to her first birthday. Yep, tomorrow is Edie's half birthday! Friday, she'll be 6 months old. I can't believe it.

Though, from her development I should believe it. There has been lots of talking (or squawking, depending on how you think of it), picking up objects (even really, really tiny objects) and sitting very well by herself. Moreover, crawling is almost a reality... not that it matters, she gets around very well be rolling and scotching around the room. This weekend is another (double) overnight trip to her Grandma and Grandpa Trygstad's house. Everyone is crossing their fingers that it goes well.


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  1. cute photo and great background! We used that fabric from Ikea to make a headboard for our bedroom :)