Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twenty Eight Weeks Old

Crawling is still on the agenda for Edith, every day scooting closer and closer to her goal. She is also falling in love with random adult objects such as wood spoons, current editions of Newsweek and (to our dismay) laptop cords. Once she gets the crawling down, we are in big trouble.

Yesterday, we started Edie on her first vegetable. Apparently, she has her mom's taste in vegetables and didn't like the peas we attempted to feed her. We'll try again tonight.

In other news, little Miss EDCC had her 6 month checkup on Monday. Aside from being perfectly healthy, she's also super tough. This time around she had 5 (yes, 5) shots... and cried for less than a minute. Her current stats:
Weight: 14.8 lb (21%)
Length: 26.3 inches long (63%)
Head: 16.8 inches (47%)


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