Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forty Six Weeks Old

Over half way through her tenth month Edie is giving us major hints of her personality. Things we know:
She is active - not able to sit still for even short periods of time UNLESS she is tired or really, really entertained by something.
She is rebellious - The long periods of time where isn't moving usually consists of her getting into mischief... you know, yanking cords, finding and playing with random electronical devices, trying to climb dangerous looking stairs.
She is vocal - Edie has discovered a lot of fun words (mumumumum, da da da, ahhhhh, baybeah, and, just this week, ah-doh-ah-doh-ah-doh-ah-doh) and she uses them, a lot.
She is social - Sure, she has brief moments of being shy. But, give her 30 seconds and she'll be taking your glasses off your face meanwhile flashing her winning smile and telling you all about it.
She is happy - No doubt our Edie pants is a very happy child. She is usually smiling, which, in turn, makes us very happy.
She is Mama's Girl - Yep, as of right now Edie is my #1 fan. Even when she has having the time of her life with someone else, if I enter the room it's straight towards mum-mum-mum-mum.... for good, or bad.

It's been a fun week with Edie. She has begun to point at random objects and, in turn, we have started to tell her about those random objects. She continues to adore Onslow and Pauline (our cats) and points at them the most. This weekend we visited her Aunties Kim and Karmen as well as a lot of her cousins. She also met her Grandpa Myron and Great-Grandpa Tony.


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