Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frock By Friday!

Since obtaining my sewing machine last February, I've been sewing up a storm. It all started with a few pillow cases and a bow. I moved on to some super bonnet making and, then, continued to make bonnets. I've now made 11 bonnets total, 6 just for Edie-Pants.


Last week, I sewed my first skirt (black and white with yellow pockets) and a few "hooter hiders" (or breast feeding covers) for a few new moms in my life. Next week I shall begin my biggest project to date... a dress!

There are so many awesome sewing blogs out there and I've pretty much subscribed to all of them in my google reader. One of my favorites, Grosgrain, does a Frock by Friday tutorial at the start of each month. This will be my first month participating and I urge any sewers out there to join me. I'll blog about my progress to keep me motivated.

Without further a do, next week's project the Anda Dress from BurdaStyle:


Fifty One Weeks Old

In one week our sweet baby Edie will be in one year old. I'll avoid being too sappy this week as I'm sure my post next week will be full of "I can't believe this" and "I can't believe that." Instead, I'll give you a true update of Edith's happenings this week.

For about a month or so we've been working on teaching Edie some basic sign language. I'm happy to say that it has finally clicked with her this week and she is now appropriately using the sign for "all done" and "more." We added "hungry" and "thirsty" to our signing regiment and we will begin teaching her "please," "thank you," and "sleep/tired." I'm so pleased how fast sign language has clicked with Edie.

She continues to mimic some of our behavior such as wrapping things around her neck (like a scarf), pulling shirts (or a pair of shorts) above her head, stepping into a pair of my shoes while I put on a different pair of shoes and carrying a little purse around the house.

Oh, and have I mentioned she is a master walker now?

Word of the week: "Jen-nee" when referring to Jenni her babysitter (and my good friend).


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fifty Weeks Old

Edie is 50 weeks old. You know what that means, right? Yep, in just two weeks are little peanut pumpkin bean sprout is going to be one-year-old. I can hardly believe how fast a year can fly by.

We've been reading to Edie since she was born and really amped up our reading routine when she was about 6 months old, or so. In the last few weeks, she has become increasingly interested in books. She pages through them, looks at the pictures and feels the pages. The bookshelf is the first thing she goes to when we are playing in her room. It's really fun to see her become so interested in books and we hope that will blossom into a love of reading in the future. By the way, her favorite book so far is Goodnight Moon.

Edie has been mimicking us a lot this week, from fun little sounds, to combing her hair. After a few good lessons of hugging inanimate objects, she has been giving the stuffed animal Drunk-Uncle-Fox big hugs.

Speaking of sounds, there has been a lot of vowels coming out of her little mouth this week. The best part? Her o's totally sound upper mid-western (very, very, very long).

Word of the week: BeeeeeeBawl


Friday, July 16, 2010

Forty Nine Weeks Old

This week, it dawned on me (once again) that my little baby Edie is growing into a toddler. Not only is she getting taller, but her little face is changing and her features are becoming more and more defined. Her expressions have reached a whole new level and our little tot is becoming more animated each day.

She has been using a lot more "words" and has been jabbering to herself (in her own language) a whole bunch this week. We discourage grunting but we don't mind when she tests her vocal cords in other ways such as the awesome winding "EEE-ah-EEE-ah-EEEE" sound she often uses during boring car rides.

A little more confidence in her walk this week too... and I imagine she'll be running around within the next few months. (Please, help us)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Forty Eight Weeks Old

(Sorry, this is late. Excuse below.)

Edie was so lucky to attend her very first music festival this week. Our little family (along with my parents and my brother Dana) drove up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This is a yearly tradition for our family, so, it was fun to initiate little miss Edie Pants into the folk fest club. She was a great little camper and seemed to really enjoy the outdoors, the people and the music.

In other news, her pointing skills have reached a whole new level and she can now point with both fingers. She is also talking more and more, and says "Kitt" "Treeeeys" "Pa" and, again, something that sounds like "Papeeen" (Pauline?). She is become a more confident walker, but still needs a steady surface to stand up. She has also become very, very good and climbing things (including picnic tables) but still struggles with stepping down.