Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twenty One Months Old

Holy Moly! I better post a 21 month post before Edie reaches her 22 month mark. Sorry everybody! This should be an indication, however, on how super busy this month has been. But, I think that's just how late spring goes.

Edie, as you may tell from the picture below, is developing her sense of humor quite well. It's been really neat to see her laugh at her own jokes or funny things papa's says or does (passing gas may or may not be one of those things.) We can't wait to see how funny our little squirt will continue to become.

Aside from being funny, she is also pretty good with her words. Last month, she began putting sentences together... her first being "Sit Down, Papa." Since then, the sentences have become more and more complex.

As I said before, this month has been busy. We went to Garrison, N. Dakota for Easter, then, just a couple weeks ago visited Kris' sister Kathy in Columbia, Illinois (that's where the pictures below were taken). It was Edie's first time on an airplane and she was so, so excited. She held onto Ms Puppy nice and tight and did a super great job on the flight. We hope it's one of many big trips we take with our little Edie Pants.