Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fifty One Weeks Old

In one week our sweet baby Edie will be in one year old. I'll avoid being too sappy this week as I'm sure my post next week will be full of "I can't believe this" and "I can't believe that." Instead, I'll give you a true update of Edith's happenings this week.

For about a month or so we've been working on teaching Edie some basic sign language. I'm happy to say that it has finally clicked with her this week and she is now appropriately using the sign for "all done" and "more." We added "hungry" and "thirsty" to our signing regiment and we will begin teaching her "please," "thank you," and "sleep/tired." I'm so pleased how fast sign language has clicked with Edie.

She continues to mimic some of our behavior such as wrapping things around her neck (like a scarf), pulling shirts (or a pair of shorts) above her head, stepping into a pair of my shoes while I put on a different pair of shoes and carrying a little purse around the house.

Oh, and have I mentioned she is a master walker now?

Word of the week: "Jen-nee" when referring to Jenni her babysitter (and my good friend).


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