Monday, July 12, 2010

Forty Eight Weeks Old

(Sorry, this is late. Excuse below.)

Edie was so lucky to attend her very first music festival this week. Our little family (along with my parents and my brother Dana) drove up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This is a yearly tradition for our family, so, it was fun to initiate little miss Edie Pants into the folk fest club. She was a great little camper and seemed to really enjoy the outdoors, the people and the music.

In other news, her pointing skills have reached a whole new level and she can now point with both fingers. She is also talking more and more, and says "Kitt" "Treeeeys" "Pa" and, again, something that sounds like "Papeeen" (Pauline?). She is become a more confident walker, but still needs a steady surface to stand up. She has also become very, very good and climbing things (including picnic tables) but still struggles with stepping down.


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