Friday, July 16, 2010

Forty Nine Weeks Old

This week, it dawned on me (once again) that my little baby Edie is growing into a toddler. Not only is she getting taller, but her little face is changing and her features are becoming more and more defined. Her expressions have reached a whole new level and our little tot is becoming more animated each day.

She has been using a lot more "words" and has been jabbering to herself (in her own language) a whole bunch this week. We discourage grunting but we don't mind when she tests her vocal cords in other ways such as the awesome winding "EEE-ah-EEE-ah-EEEE" sound she often uses during boring car rides.

A little more confidence in her walk this week too... and I imagine she'll be running around within the next few months. (Please, help us)


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