Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twelve Weeks Old

Edie hit a huge milestone this week. On Monday while hanging out in her crib doing tummy time, Edie rolled over from her tummy to her back! She's done it several times since then and seems satisfied every time. Actually, the photo you see below was difficult to take today as she was having so much fun rolling over.

She continues to love Ole and can now, quite deliberately, push him with her hand. She gets such a kick out of him and her new found abilities.

Our little Peanut Pumpkin is going to be a pumpkin ballerina this Halloween. We received the pumpkin hat as a gift and, boy, has Edie used it a lot this fall. My cousin Errin made Edie a darling tutu... so, we thought why not put the two together and make her a pumpkin ballerina? She'll be the only one out there, I'm sure :) I'll post some photos of her completed costume next week.


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