Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Forty Weeks Old

I just realized that Edie has spent more time breathing real, live air then she did baking in my belly (she was born at 38 weeks). I can't believe she is already forty weeks old!

We took our first trip together last weekend to Duluth with my parents and brother. We had a very good time, although little Edie had trouble sleeping... well, she hardly slept at all (which meant everyone didn't sleep). We think it was combination of things... new place, long ride, lots of activity. Next time, there are a few things I would do different. I guess we can file this experience into the "things we learn as first time parents" file.

On Monday night, we started sleep training Edie using the Ferber method. First night was a little rough. She cried for about 40 minutes and a little in the early morning. But, Tuesday (last night) went very well. She cried for less than two minutes and woke up at 6:15 a.m. Woo!

Edie had her 9 month check up on Monday. Her stats:
Weight: 17.1 lb (17%)
Length: 27.3 inches long (37%)
Head: 17.3 inches (43%)

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  1. Yeah, can you go ahead and send me that "things we learn as first time parents" file. :)
    Beautiful picture!