Monday, October 11, 2010

Fourteen Months Old

Little Miss Edie Pants continues to be movin' machine this month. She has gained some new foot skills that only can be described as "happy feet," and her climbing skills are almost scaring us. It's really fun to watch her bop around, but we're starting to get a bit scared for the upcoming years. We have already nicknamed her the Edie Tornado. Several times already, I've heard the comment from the random stranger "Oh boy, she sure likes to move." Yes, yes she does.

Edie is perfectly charming to strangers. Her new thing? Waving and saying "hi." She also waves at buses, trucks and doggies.

Lots of new words this month. She loves the letter Z, the sound a horse makes (Nay!) and Fihsh (fish). She uses new words every day, but it seems like everything is still a "doggie" or "Zee."

On the dental front, Edie has gained one new tooth with three more ready to make their debut any day now. Lots of red cheeks and a bit of drool.

Quirky Edie fact of the month: Edie can make the OK sign.


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