Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Quick Visit to Santa's Village

The TrygKerz family was a bit late in a lot of their Holiday festivities this year. We still have a present or two to purchase (crossing our fingers there is still things left at the store) and we just tonight went to see Santa.

This is the second year we've trekked out to Santa's Village at Rheault Farm in Fargo. The Fargo Park District does a fantastic job making it feel like the north pole (and Santa is the best Santa I've ever seen.) Last year, we went out there with my good friend Penny. Check out some photos from 2009 here.

This year (because of our lateness) we weren't able to make it until this evening. Edie has been referencing Santa for a couple weeks now. In fact, every thing with a red hat must be "santa, santa, santa!" She even knows that Santa says "ho, ho, ho!." However, tonight she wasn't too sure about that Santa guy. However, trains are still cool.

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  1. Baha!

    "I'm still crying but, sure, I'll have a sucker."