Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bean at 36 weeks

Well, I guess the benefit of getting 7 ultrasounds to check the location of the placenta is that we get to keep on seeing the baby. We had, yet again, another awesome ultrasound tech who let us see the Bean in 3D.

The Bean is getting chubby... and, apparently, has lots of hair (which makes the heartburn and sleepless nights so much more worth it!). My uterus was measuring a bit smaller during my doctor check up yesterday, so she had the U/S tech check the size of the baby. According to the U/S, which can be entirely inaccurate, the Bean is 5 lb 11ish oz.

Not sure what the Bean is hugging in the picture... I'm assuming it's the umbilical cord. Ignore the Estimated Due Date of August 9th... my due date remains August 17.


Sorry for those sick of seeing the baby in utero. Just think, pretty soon you'll be sick of seeing pictures of the baby out of the womb. Yeah!

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