Friday, April 8, 2011

Twenty Months Old

Even more language expansion this month for Edie. She is now regularly putting three words together to form little sentences. She knows what she wants... she knows what she doesn't want... and she's able to let you know exactly what she does or doesn't want to do. My favorite? "Snuggle Bed SimpSims?" (Translation: Mum, Papa, can we go your bedroom? You'll lay down, I'll hop all over the bed and spill your water, and we'll watch an episode of the Simpsons.)

We've had a really long winter this year but over the last few weeks we have finally experienced a bit of a thaw. This has allowed us to go outside a bit more and Edie has discovered her love for water puddles! Luckily, the center of street (which, to be honest, is more like a paved alley) has formed a puddle canal so we have plenty of water to splash around.


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