Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fifty Two Weeks Old

I cannot believe how quickly 52 weeks can fly by. Just one year ago, I was sitting in the hospital holding a brand new, fragile baby girl. Today, I chased around a hearty toddler and encouraged her to meow at the cat. How quickly life can change.

Edie is such a joy. She is kind and funny and a little mischievous. She has the sweetest little voice and the cutest little dance moves. Observant since birth, she has a great eye for detail and learns things very, very quickly. There is absolutely no doubt that she is a mover but she is also very careful.

I'm totally head over heals in love with my daughter (can you tell) and she has made our little family even more awesome.

This week, Edie has been perfecting her words. She can say "doggie" and "kitty" more clearly, and she has added "uh oh" to her list of most used words. She barks. She meows. She squeals with joy. It is fantastic.

Edie and our cat Onslow have formed quite the bond. She gives Onslow hugs and Onslow gives her purrs. He allows her to pet him and doesn't mind (too much) when she gets a little rough. Pauline (the other cat) on the other hand still runs at the sight of little Miss Edie-Pants.

We had a little birthday celebration/photo shoot this afternoon at the studio and discovered she really digs balloons. Go figure. She also likes cake,


So, the First 52 weeks series is now complete. But, no fear! I shall continue writing about Edie and her various milestones once a month!

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