Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Review of the New Cat Litter by Onslow

From time to time at the Trygkerz blog, we turn our attention to our feline companions to allow them their say. They are the Kitten/Cat Caucus, a loose, disorganized collective of exactly two: Onslow and Pauline. Onslow took some time out from his busy schedule of batting at mosquitoes and mrowling by the back door to file this review of the new cat litter we began using this past weekend.

Hello, friends, and welcome to my first missive for Trygkerz Chronicles. I write to you in a time of great excitement and apprehension among myself and the other cat in the household, whatshername. You see, the humans purchased and began using a new brand of cat litter. This is was an earth-shattering moment, and I simply had to share my reactions with you, dear reader.

At first blush, the litter was noticeably different. Its floral scent and granular structure smaller than that of Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat litter told me that this may not be the ride for me. But as I took my first step into the box, I realized that my paws were caressed in a way I had never felt from the litter box. This was litter of love, not of antagonism.

My first usage, a tinkle, offered a run-of-the-mill experience. Clumping action was satisfactory although only a few grains stuck to my fur. Ah, but my second usage, a log, revealed the true character of this litter. Its floral scent complemented the smell rather than beat it over the head. I felt a palpable sense of joy as I recklessly flung more litter over the top of the log with my hind legs.

In sum, I applaud the humans' superior judgment in their selection of a new litter. I can think of no better substance to accept my outstanding waste.

The Breakdown:
  • Granular structure - B+
  • Clumping ability - C+
  • Scent - A+
  • Overall - A-

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